Personal use

Personal useĀ :

1-The personal use license is a non-exclusive, non-commercial and worldwide license to use the purchased musical work in the following terms.
The personal use license allows use of the purchased track for personal and private use only. 
2-Limitations of the license: 
-You will not be able to claim ownership of the purshased track in the original or modified form. 
-You can not redistribute the purchased track corresponding to this license as a music item, as a stock music, in a template, or with source files. 
-You can not create compilations with the purchased track, even if you made some changes. 
-You can not redistribute the purchased track modified or not. These things are not allowed even if the redistribution is free.
-You can not edit the purchased track and distribute it on a CD format.
-You can not add lyrics to the purchased track and sell it as your work on ITUNES and other legal download and streaming platforms.
-You can't use this track on a youtube or video streaming website and application.
-You can not use the purchased track for "do it yourself" or "on demand" applications or media.
4-This license is between author- composer Nicolas Jeudy / DARK FANTASY STUDIO and you, buyer.
5-You hereby acknowledge that DARK FANTASY STUDIO is and remains the owner of all rights, title and interest in the purchased track, 
including, without limitation, copyrights thereto. Registration is protected by and subject to international copyright laws. 
This license is non-exclusive, and DARK FANTASY STUDIO retains the right to sell Registration licenses to third parties at its sole discretion.